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Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I Buy an Investment Property with Broker Pages?

Unfortunately we aren't able to help you purchase property, however if you're stuck finding a Mortgage Broker on Broker Pages, you can try the Lending Concierge from our partners at Simple Lending at

Does a Mortgage Broker Charge Fees?

In Australia, most mortgage brokers do not charge fees to their clients for their services. Instead, they receive a commission from the lender for the loans they arrange. However, there are some situations where a broker may charge a fee for their services, such as for complex loan applications or for providing ongoing support and advice. These fees must be disclosed to the borrower in advance and agreed upon in writing.

If a mortgage broker charges a fee, it's important to understand what services are included and what additional costs may be involved. Some brokers may charge an upfront fee for their initial consultation and loan analysis, while others may charge a fee if a borrower's loan application is particularly complex. Some brokers may also charge ongoing fees for their ongoing support and advice throughout the life of the loan.

When working with a mortgage broker, it's important to understand the costs involved and to compare different brokers to ensure you're getting the best deal and service for your individual needs.

How can I find Mortgage Broker Near Me?

Broker Pages helps you find a great local Mortgage Broker, by Suburb, Company or even by Name. Using the search bar above, enter your suburb to see Mortgage Brokers that are based in and around your local area. You can then decide which Mortgage Broker to contact based on their reviews and other information they have provided.

How do Mortgage Brokers get paid?

In Australia, mortgage brokers are typically paid by the lender in the form of commissions. When a borrower takes out a home loan through a mortgage broker, the lender pays the broker a commission for bringing in the business. The amount of commission paid to the broker is usually a percentage of the loan amount and can vary depending on the lender and the loan product.

It's important to note that mortgage brokers are legally required to disclose their commission structure and the amount of commission they will receive from each lender to their clients. This is done through a document called a Credit Proposal Disclosure (CPD), which outlines the key features of the loan and the fees involved, including the broker's commission. This disclosure ensures that borrowers have all the information they need to make an informed decision about their loan and the services they are receiving from their broker.

Some mortgage brokers may also charge additional fees, such as an upfront fee or ongoing fees, but these must be disclosed to the borrower in advance and agreed upon in writing. It's important to shop around and compare different brokers to ensure you're getting the best deal and service for your individual needs.

Who are the Best Mortgage Brokers in Australia?

Finding the Best Mortgage Broker for you depends a lot on your situation and who you would feel most comfortable dealing with. The Mortgage Broking industry in Australia has various awards that showcase some of the best Mortgage Brokers in Australia, including the Mortgage Professional Australia (MPA) Awards, The Adviser Awards, the Australian Mortgage Award and the Mortgage Business Awards. Mortgage Brokers on Broker Pages will generally list awards they have won in their Bio.

What does a Mortgage Broker do?

Mortgage brokers work as intermediaries between borrowers and lenders, providing advice on different types of loans, interest rates, and repayment terms. They assess the borrower's financial situation and creditworthiness, and then use this information to search for and recommend loans from a panel of lenders they are accredited with. Mortgage brokers help borrowers compare loan offers, negotiate terms, and complete the loan application process. They also provide ongoing support and advice throughout the life of the loan. Mortgage brokers are paid by the lender in the form of commission, and generally do not charge the borrower any fees for their services.

What is a Mortgage Broker?

MoneySmart defines a Mortgage Broker as a go-between who deals with banks or other lenders to arrange a home loan. Mortgage brokers must act in your best interests when suggesting a loan for you. They suggest a good Mortgage Broker helps Understand your needs and goals; Works out what you can afford to borrow; good broker works with you to; Finds options to suit your situation; Explains how each product works and helps you Apply for and Manage your Home Loan.

Can I Apply for a Home Loan with Broker Pages?

Unfortunately Broker Pages helps people find a Mortgage Broker and doesn't offer any lending services. If you haven't had any luck finding a Mortgage Broker that you feel comfortable with, you can try the Lending Concierge from our partners at Simple Lending at

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