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Aussie Home Loans is a leading mortgage broking firm in Australia that has been helping Australians find the right home loan since 1992. The company was founded by John Symond, who recognized the need for a mortgage broking service that provided customers with personalized service and access to a wide range of home loan options. Today, Aussie Home Loans has over 1,000 brokers across Australia, and its services extend beyond just home loans to include personal loans, insurance, and financial planning.

One of the unique features of Aussie Home Loans is its "Smart online technology," which allows customers to compare rates and apply for home loans online, while still receiving personalized support from a broker. This technology streamlines the application process and enables customers to access a range of lenders and products with ease. Additionally, the company's brokers are trained to guide customers through the home buying process, providing expert advice on everything from loan types to interest rates to ensure customers are making informed decisions. Overall, Aussie Home Loans is a trusted and reliable source for Australians looking to buy their first home, upgrade their current home, or refinance their mortgage.

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